Rihanna's Costume Designer Comes Into His Own with New Show

On Tuesday, the daughters of Texas state senator Wendy Davis defended their mom against charges that she’s been smudging her biography to make it look like she was a more involved mom than she actually was. Davis, who is running for governor, has been under fire since a Dallas Morning News article accused her of “blurring” facts, like exactly when she got divorced and how long her family lived in a trailer park. That DMN article also seemingly took her to task for allowing her ex-husband to have parental custody of their daughter, quoting an anonymous source who said, Davis was “not going to let family or raising children or anything else get in her way.”

I understand why Davis’ daughters felt they needed to defend their mom and her parenting. The onslaught on Davis’ parenting (and her politics) from the right, particularly in the wake of that DMN article, has been appalling: They’ve called her everything from “Abortion Barbie” to implying she’s a bad, gold digging mom. Her daughter, Dru, points out that her mom always shared joint custody, even though she was living in her father’s house.

But she also discusses her mom’s involvement in other ways: Her mom was her Brownie troop leader. Her mom was her team’s field hockey mom when Dru was a senior in high school. “She went with me to every field hockey camp, tryout, program that I ever had,” Dru writes, adding, “my sister and I were always her first priority.”

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    Stanislav Kerimov
    13 January 2014

    Thank you so much for putting this together Jeremy. Most of these seem like common sense but it is amazing how many times I see new employees having the worst days of their life because managers/leaders don’t want to be “bothered” with the new guy.

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    Anna Balashova
    10 January 2014

    I would add under “keep the busy” to make sure that every team member is aware of the new team member starting, and even thought the first 1-2 days may be meet and greats, to have them up with access to everything they need to preform their tasks.

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